Bare begyndelsen

After an eventful weekend of settling in, we finally started going to school. On our first day, we met with 9th graders, who showed us around the city of Silkeborg. They were very friendly and let us know about all the good spots to visit and hang out. We also went on a hike, where we all got to know each other by trading off “conversation buddies” every once in a while. We were provided with questions to initiate conversation. The day went by very fast, for everyone had something very interesting to say. We were surprised on how open-minded the students in Silkeborg can be. We were also surprised to see that it was normal for students to know around 3 languages.

Hiking in the forest


Throughout the week, we have been introducing ourselves to the school. Everyone is very interested in learning more about the U.S. and politics. Ianthe and I thought it was very interesting how everyone is interested in the politics that happen in the U.S. Unlike the U.S., students are informed over world politics.

Viri getting to know 7th graders

Ianthe and I have been taking notes on how to help students learn languages and have been collecting lesson plans teachers give us.



After school, we usually go and explore the stores around town and the museums. We met German exchange students and we go out with them as well!

Silkeborg Art Museum 

The cold doesn’t stop us from sight-seeing the beautiful city of Silkeborg! We look forward to exploring more of the city and to get to learn more about the culture.

Stay tuned!



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