Bienvenidos! Velkommen!

Welcome to our blog, Exploring Bilingual Minds!


We are Ianthe and Viri, we are seniors at Texas Christian University majoring in Bilingual Early Childhood Education. We will be posting about our student teaching in Silkeborg, Denmark where we will be for a month! We are ecstatic about visiting a new country and exploring a variety of cultures.

We met in met in Elementary school, then we both ended up going to TCU together, majoring in Education. Now, we are going to student teach in Silkeborg, Denmark!




“When one teaches, two learn.”



Hola! Mi nombre es Ianthe, estoy emocionanda de poder demostrarles mis aventuras en Europa. Since I was in the second grade I have always wanted to be an elementary school teacher, now I am in my senior at TCU with a major in Bilingual Early Childhood Education. I am looking forward to what I will be learning through my student teaching in Denmark. I hope to be able to implement that knowledge in teaching to my future students. A few other things I enjoy are exploring new places, trying new foods, and dancing!



Hola! I’m Viridiana and I am very excited to also share our European adventures! Teaching has always made its way into my life, whether if it was through breakthrough or through my teachers. My life has always revolved around teachers and they have made a great impact on me. I want to have that same impact on children myself! I hope to learn a lot about different cultures in Europe and I hope to apply what I learn in teaching! Some things I enjoy doing is exploring new things, getting to immerse myself in a culture, and reading!


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